Why You Need Our This is Us Sign


If you are a new homeowner or newly married, it may be difficult to figure out how you should start celebrating. At The WAREHOUSE Studio, we believe in filling homes with unique, loving gifts and decor that make you smile. Our This Is Us sign is one of our most popular items. Here’s a breakdown of why this joyous sign is perfect for everyone.


Made with Real Wood
Our This Is Us sign is as authentic as you are. Your family deserves the best, so we craft the best for you. Fraudulent signs that are synthetic are tacky and don’t have the meaningful sentiment of the This Is Us family sign. Individually hand-cut, painted, printed, and framed, each sign is distinct just like you. We coat every product with our signature eco-friendly wood-stain, to give the signs a beautiful aesthetic that heightens your home’s style.

Handcrafted in the USA

Crafted in Mississippi, the This Is Us sign supports local American businesses. Most of our lives, our stories, and our homes are rooted in the USA; when you hang the This Is Us sign in your home, you are discreetly acknowledging this.

Two Size Options

Some homes are smaller and aren’t able to hang larger signs, so we craft this sign in two sizes that accommodate everyone. You can order this wall decor in a 16”x24” frame or a 24”x36” frame. This way you can dress your walls with a sign that fits you and your family.

Great for Any Room!

In the same way the sign fits any home, it also is a match for any room. Unlike brightly colored posters and paintings, the This Is Us family sign is designed to match any color scheme and room decorations. Not overwhelming nor too bland, the sign is a blend of modern and rustic.

Whether you are buying it as a gift for yourself or a loved one, the This Is Us sign is a perfect gift. For those who need inspiration or comfort, the framed sign is an encouraging feel-good hug that will embrace you every day. Buy the This Is Us sign now! For more delightful gifts, explore our shop and contact us!